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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 15, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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. the wet roads made traveling danger rowing all day today and in hours another storm is set to hit the bay aya. i'm here with jackelyn to find out the latest about this storm only hours away. we're looking at the satellite and you can see it looks ominous offshore. >> yeah, satellite and radar showing a stronger system not north than what we saw today. it was broken, drizzling, misty. the one to the north is much more organized and you can see the yellow in the top of your screen is heavier rains.
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so look at the weather headlines tonight. showers popping up overnight. we'll see heavy rain into friday night, saturday morning. and after that next round roles through on friday night, we'll be left with thunderstorms in the wake of that. that will be all through the weekend and cooler temperatures on tap this weekend. so a glance at tomorrow morning. showers possible through the entire bay area but future cast pinpointing rain closer to the coastline in the 6:00-hour. the 8:00-hour the rain in the same spot. showering conditions through the morning into the afternoon but again, the heavy stuff is coming in later in the day. you can see the yellow to the north will over take the bay area in the eveningful we'll time it out on the future cast. the crews are racing against the clock tonight. in santa cruz trying to get the river back on track before more rain hits area. the recent storm caused the river to change course and the water is threatening the
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santa cruz beach board walk. >> reporter: captain jack's pirates ship is still high and dry and the board walk is pretty much deserted now but it will be open this weekend weather and water permitting. let's take a look at the river looking down over that seawall from the board walk itself. the water is still well below the top of the seawall but it's moving along at a pretty good clip and taking a lot of sand with it. there's concern the river could undermine the board walk's foundation and cause some real damage here. as a precaution, sand is being piled up for a kind of protective berm in front of the seawall but the river has a mind of it's own. you can see how easily the rushing water erodes the sand as it carves a deeper channel channel 200 miles north .
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we now know the name of the teen irer. 18-year-old kevin from washington. in oakland the wind and rain knocked a massive tree into a home. we see the damage and talked to the people ha live in the house. >> suddenly, there was a gigantic woosh and hit the windows. >> reporter: that was the sound of this tree falling during the recent storm onto the rear of
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kathryn's home on dell month street in east oakland. the tree landed right on top of a room that was occupied by a 76-year-old mother. >> the window bowed in and came back. and we're to lucky that she was okay. >> i saw the green in my wiping doe, completely blocked the window, the green. i thought it would come through. >> reporter: she and her mom lived in this home all of her life. those very fortunate that her mom was not hurt with the rain bringing this one crashing down. >> it could have been life threatening because the trunk of the tree is so big you can't put your arms around it well and i'm just, as i said god blessed us. >> in oakland, kron4 news. it wasn't raining hard all day belonged to and that turned out to be good news for crews from the department of public works. they were busy doing what they
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could. we see those crews and has more on the sewer situation in san francisco. >> reporter: right now no hard rains in the sunset district but if the rain comes down there is a hope we won't see flooding. storm drains cleaned out thursday by the department of public works. in this video you can see crews going to down. this is what it looked like before they cleaned it. this is what it looked like after. san francisco crews that i talked with said for the most part, the sewer system has been in good shape because of two things, previously to the rain we had so much dry weather they cleaned several problem storm drains out before hand and number two, they added another shift of workers, day crew and night crew but still they are busy and there are concerns about more rain causing flooding at certain locations. >> when it rains heavy the sources go to the main thing to keep the flooding and the streets open and everybody
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happy happy. so we need the rain but the sewer industry it hampers our capability. everything that runs off the gutter goes into our sewer and our systems get overloaded with town pours at times and can't keep up with the flows. >> reporter: those with the department of public works say they have extra cries this weekend in anticipation of more rain. reporting in san francisco, jr stone. major school cuts looming tonight. in california 20,000 teaching jobs are now on the chopping block and many of those jobs are here in the bay area. sam talked with teachers about the atect on children in our air. >> teaching isn't just a job, but who i am so with each pink slip it's like my life is being taken from me. >> reporter: for the fourth year in a row cynthia received a notice she may be laid off. >> what are we teaching them,
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we don't value education. >> reporter: she is one of eight to receive a preliminary pink slip but nearly 25% of this district's entire teaching staff. >> it means that i have no security of having a job. it means instead of planning for a teaching third grade again next year i don't know what to plan for other than looking for a job. >> i love what i do and put time into it and to know it won't be there is tough arm a news conference thursday afternoon the california teachers association announced nearly 20,000 teachers statewide received preliminary layoff notices, 1400 in the bay area. in past years the number of teachers actually laid off was significantly less than those who were notified but this year they say could be different. >> there isn't -- there isn't a job that the federal government will come and save us and there aren't local budgets there isn't much left to bring
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them back. it's hard to use the past as a predictor for the future. >> reporter: as students looked on, teachers and parents called to pass the governor's temporary tax hikes to restore education funding because they say without them, schools will be devastated. now these are just preliminary layoff notices, the final layoff notices have to go out by may 15th. in brisbane kron 4 news. there is growing concern among parents, they don't want extra students added to their child's classroom. >> less teacher means less education. >> reporter: that's the feeling across the board among parents at james logan high school. nearly 10 teachers at this school received pink slips and more than 100 were issued throughout the school district. >> district. >> it's important they have the same teachers throughout the year so there is consistency with what they are learning. >> reporter: parents are
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worried how their children will perform when clasts size ratios increase. programs are also at risk. in the middle school electives could soon be no more and sciences is? jeopardy at the elementary school. a spokesperson said the district could be forced to cut after school activities like football band and forensics at the high school because they may not have the $200,000 to contribute for those extra programs. >> programs. this just into the kron 4 newsroom a small earthquake. a magnitude 2.5 hit at 7:56. a little over ten minutes ago. no reports of damage or injuries. you see we pulled it up there. we called chp. they said they did feel a minor shaking. the quake was exactly 3 miles south of valaho. if there are updates, we'll
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bring them to you but for now a 2.5 magnitude just striking right before the top of the hour. >> still ahead at 8:00 kron 4 is tracking the storm. >> san francisco the recent rains have caused several trees to come down across the city resulting in major damage. you can see where a 60-foot fie cut smashed down and more damage coming up. tomorrow morning the new ipad goes on sale long lines are and expected if you want your hands on one, stay tuned for my tech report and i'll tell you how. whatcha lookin' for hon?
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ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. tonight, tents are already lined up on the sidewalk. >> the diehards are waiting
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for the lunch of the new i pad. people have tents set up ready to camp out overnight. the first person inline this will be his second night camping out. he was here last night starting at 10:00. >> last night we didn't have a tent. so we were sleeping on the see the ground. it was tough last night just a sleeping bag and sweater. >> reporter: they are excited and have tents and blankets. there is a company giving out survival kits waiting for the ipad release at 8:00 a.m. on friday morning. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> if you're just getting raid did to get online for the ipad there are things you need to know before you snag it. >> reporter: if you want to score a new i ipad here is a hot tip, 24-hour wal-marts are selling them at 12:01 a.m.
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friday morning eight hours before any other store. non-24-hour wal-marts will open at regular hours to sell the ipad. apple stores will be opening up early at 8:00 a.m. verizon stores are also opening early at 8:00 a.m. at&t stores are opening at 9:00 a.m. best buys, radio shacks and target will sell them. they aren't opening early. based on past opening days for apple's gadgets, apple stores had the longest line so try a none apple store but the none apple stores tend to sell out fast and don't get as much inventory. so it's hard to choose where to stand in line. if you know of a radio shack out of the way hidden, that might be your best bet. apple is letting people trade in old ipads for a discount. to do that you have to visit apple's reuse and recycle section. depending on the model and condition you could get as much as $275 off the new ipad. however, i recommend
8:16 pm for selling old galveston gets, they pay the most. if you want to avoid long lines and the rain, you can order it and it delivers in two to three weeks. after tomorrow that will probably push back five to six weeks to deliver. for more information, visit kron and look for my tech page. in the meantime al p stock touched the 600-dollar level for the first time the day before the ipad goes on sell. there is lots of anticipation of course for that new i pad. this is video. the experts say apple could sell a million of them tomorrow and as soon as they become available to the public. it wasn't just apple rising. the s and p400 closed above 500 which was three months before the financial crisis. here is a look at the numbers on wall street as they close
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today. traders also happy about whole sell prices and lower unemployment numbers. a gain of 59 for the dow is the seventh advance leaving it at the highest closing level. grant? and more good news. you can call it the real ed state rebound, february was the best month for single family home sales since 2007 and sales were up 11% compared to february of 2011 but a lot of people purchasing bay area homes don't plan to live in them. 28% or 26% excuse me plan to use these houses as investment properties. there are good deals out there. the medium price for a home in the bay area fell in every county except san mato. the average price for a bay area home is down to about $350,000. experts say the market appears to have turned and while the
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recovery will be a long road these recent numbers are positive. >> more rain is on the way. straighting with light rain in the morning but moderate to heavy in the afternoon and evening. an an ambulance at tomorrow temperatures. warming up into the low 60s by the afternoon when the heavy rain starting rolling in. let's take a look here on future cast. into the early morning hours you can see not much going on. i just updated this most recent model. the 7:00-hour showers starting and more wide spread shower coverage. as we go into the 11:00-hour, more wide spread. we have moderate rain also coming in the north bay at that hour. stepping through the future cast longer the 3:00-hour we see wide spread moderate rain and that will start to linger in the same area through the 6:00-hour but spread south a little after that. by 8:00 we see moderate rain
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along the coastline and delta and moves quickly down to the south. heavy rain in the inland valleys starting to clear out by the 1:00-hour and seeing a few lingering cells down south and drier conditions into the 2:00-hour saturday morning with most of the rain tapering off by 4:00. so a look at rainfall from all day tomorrow into saturday morning. 2 to 3 inches possible in the north bay because of the moderate rain that will stay there longer, hoover over the north. 1 to 2-inches of rain in the central bay and an inch and a half in the hills and the valley half an inch and santa cruz up to 4 inches of rain. a look at the extended forecast, tomorrow another wet day and the second round in the afternoon will bring a blast of cold air with it and help temperatures stay on the cooler side through the weekend. we're still going to be seeing spotty showers saturday sunday with the possibility of thunder and small hail as the showers move through. calmer into next week. there is a slight chance of
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lingering rain into monday but warmer and drier tuesday and wednesday. coming up later in this broadcast the general manager of the warriors explains good-bye steven jackson. been a big week. been a big week. we'll talk about it later in laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in.
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the fbi is warning residents the ak-47 bandit may be here in the bay area and he's extremely dangerous. a bank was robbed.
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here is a look at images. you can see a man wearing a full faced black ski mask, a green vest with the word sheriff and armed with an ak style assault rifle and stormed into the bank. managed to escape with an un-disclosed amount of money. this is three days after an attempted robbery by a masked gunman and two weeks after a suspect you see here matching the very same description held up a bank in southern california and shot a police officer in the leg and managed to escape again with an un-disclose aid mount of money. a 20,000-dollar reward is being offered for information leading to this man's arrest. police describe the robber has a white adult male about 5'8" and brown -- 150 pounds believed to be driving a charcoal color nissan maxima. anyone with information about this man is urged to call the
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police department. stay with us. more news after this break.
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justice for a former raiders football player's daughter killed in 1999. a jury found alley guilty. this is his second conviction. he was originally convicted for murder in 2001 however that convictim was overturned because prosecutors improperly removed black drawers. this is video from that first trial. after being convicted again today he now faces life in prison. we'll be right back. ever policewoman
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back to the big story tonight, it's the rain. san francisco sit pindot workers were wearing out the storm drains. we are expecting a big one. >> tomorrow morning should be okay. it won't be quite as heavy. let's get a look at storm tracker. we've seen a few spotty showers out there today light and misty drizzling type showers but you can see to the north and organized storm is already starting to roll on shore. you see the rainfall and definite low got some big time
8:31 pm
moisture pushing into the bay area into tomorrow. what we saw today really was light for the most part. in the mountains quite a bit of rain. a little over a half an inch and we saw just a few hundredths of an inch elsewhere. caster valley a tenth and liver more 100th after an inch of rain today. weather headlines, showers popping up through the overnight hours at 2:00 in the morning the showers will start and give way to heavy rain friday afternoon and night. followed by thunderstorms this weekend and those will be spotty. you can see sun breaks this weekend but definitely don't want to count ongoing without your umbrella. the future cast doesn't paint a good picture. about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning showers will pick up but patterns are hard to nail down exactly. you see into the 7:00-hour it has rain over the north bay but again i think we'll see more rain coming through at that time.
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the 11:00-hour, heavier rains starting to approach the north bay and will get worse from there. we'll see how the rain will affect your afternoon commute in just a bit. today's weather caused a lot of damage around the bay area. look at this tree. this fell. tree trimmers came in to remove it and move another tree right next to it which was also in danger of falling. maureen shows us more storm related damage. >> damage. >> reporter: city crews are eating brooms and street cleaners from a fie cut tree that crushed the roof and flattened this tire. let's walk over to the other side of the vehicles. you can see where that tree used to stand all that's left is this stuff. there were no injuries, the vehicle was parked and nobody was inside and no one walking on the street was hit which is lucky. what you're looking at here is an image from a neighbor's
8:33 pm
camera. the tree blocked the whole street. the entire cable caroline was delayed for close to two hours. a city tree trimmer says these trees catch a lot of water during rainstorms that makes them top heavy and fall over. and in the north bay today more problems down trees shut down a road trapping residents. look at this. the residents were trapped because of that. this is marin county. the crews had a big job. high winds proved too much and toppled to the road. about a dozen residents were affected. although it was a quite a mess fortunately nobody was hurt. >> take a look behind me. these crews have been out here for hours trying to clear away trees that came down and blocked a road. not just any road but any access off of pine and south morning sun. the trees came down early in
8:34 pm
the morning shutting down the road. crews tell me that the problem was these trees. they couldn't handle the wind. and came crashing down. watch as crews used chainsaws to trap down branches and here take a look as crews haul away tree trunks and sweep away debris cluttering the streets. nearly a dozen residents were limbo while crews worked and they cleared the road but then set up another operation to remove the trunks and mulch the limbs to finish up the job. a big rig carrying a carnival jackknifed. we see an up close look. >> reporter: a trailer loaded with carnival rides jackknifes and smashes into the guard rail here on eastbound 580 at the
8:35 pm
canyon. it happened around 10:00 a.m. just after the morning commute. investigators say as the rain came down somehow the trailer became unhitched from a pickup truck sending the driver and the truck across four lanes crashing here into the center divide while this guard rail prevented the trailer from falling over the side onto the ground below. traffic was backed up here for hours while cale tran's crews cleared the debris and repaired the rail. luckily, nobody was injured in the accident. stay with kron 4 as we track the storm over the bay area and we have continual weather updates on kron police are asking for the public's help. they are trying to find a man they say is armed and dangerous. the suspect attempted to rain a woman last night. investigators say he pretended to be a security guard and followed a male employee to her
8:36 pm
car in a parking garage near the 2100 block of powell and then pulled out a weapon and pressed it against the woman's neck and demanded money and forced the woman into her car where he groped her and tried to do more. >> he actually put her in the drunk of the car and we believe he was trying to move her to a different location for whatever -- for whatever purpose but she escaped before he could do that. >> he's also wanted for a restaurant robbery. investigators believe the 30-year-old suspect pointed the gun at a female employee demanding money and grabbed the woman by the throat. authorities say he then forced the victim into a back room where he made her disrobe and lay onto the ground. the woman screamed and he fled. attacking an elderly woman in her own home. we're always tracking crime and there is one in the east bay. residents in the mono-claire neighborhood are on edge of a
8:37 pm
string of burglaries and just this past tuesday a home invasion robbery in that home invasion an 89-year-old woman had a pillow stuffed in her phase. she was forced into her bathroom while robbers went through her home. business owners and residents are concerned they plan to meet with police next week to discuss ways to improve the situation. tracking crime i'm grant lotis. some people want the sheriff out of office. he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment. he had three domestic violence charges against him dropped. today a rally was held. their members say they don't trust the sheriff. >> we would like to see him step down and do his work 5 two weeks of intervention, parenting, three years probation. he may not want to do that.
8:38 pm
he's not shown himself to be somebody who will do that and so i think it's going to be incumbent upon city leaderships to do that. >> the mayor has not decided whether he will try to remove the sheriff from office. former illinois governor rob blagojevich is now a federal prison inmate. this is video enjoying his last few minutes of freedom. he was taking pictures with people in littleton colorado. he stopped there on his way to a federal prison near denver. that's where he will serve his 14 year sentences on a corruption conviction. as elizabeth reports tonight, blagojevich road the spotlight all the way to jail. >> reporter: bag bag said good-bye to his witch and daughter and he won't be home
8:39 pm
again for 14 years. >> saying good-bye is the hardest thing i had to do. >> reporter: he posed for photos and thanked supporters. >> thank you. >> reporter: when he touched down in denver a black suv was waiting to drive him to prison. he was convicted of 17 corruption charges. many stemming from allegations that he tried to profit off the appointment to fill illinois' open senate seat vacated. on the eve of his departure he held a farewell press conference. >> i believe i always, always thought about what was right for the people. >> reporter: few can understand what the years ahead will entail. another served four years for defrauding clients and bribing lawmakers has this advice. >> basically he's got to keep his head down. if he plays to this sell ebb leerty and attention and plays the hoopla made about him, he will wind up in trouble. >> reporter: as he surrenderers, blagojevich is telling supporters not to count
8:40 pm
him out. >> have high, high hopes for the future.
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when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. secretary leon and afghan president met in cab bow today and discussed two points of contention. the recent burning of korans and the alleged killings of 16 civilians in afghanistan by a u.s. soldier last sunday. afghan took to the streets again today to demand that the suspected soldiers prosecution is in afghanistan. he is wrapping up a two-day trip there. serious uprising reached the one year mark. supporters noted a milestone with this huge rally. thousands of people waved sir yon flags and the opposition activests say security forces killed at least 46 more people today. well 16 games as march
8:43 pm
madness kicks into high gear. gary has highlights straight ahead plus. >> why is general manager lar write joining gary in studio to break down the ellis trade. don't move. sports is next.
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we saw rain out there
8:46 pm
today and another round tomorrow. a look at storm tracker. there is the next wave of rain impacting northern california. it will roll into the bay area through the overnight hours. a look at storm tracker. not real happy with the way it's depicting the rain in the morning. i think we'll see more wide spread showers in the 5:00-hour and the 8:00-hour it's showing wide spread through the north bay. rain continues to stream into the north baby noon turning moderate. at the 3:00-hour moderate rain pretty much over the entire north bay. it's going to stay there through the 5:00-hour sagging to the south a little bit but staying mainly over the north bay. by 8:00 the heavy rain south of the golden gate and along the coastline will continue southward progression by 10 and over the delta and inland and peninsula and continue into the midnight hour. down south you'll notice the bay and by 4:00 in the morning we'll have drier conditions and
8:47 pm
we'll see continued thunderstorms into saturday afternoon. as for snow, we're also seeing a low now. it will pick up tomorrow morning but mainly rain because the cold air hasn't hit to hey at this point. as you move into the 10:00-hour mainly rain but later on in the afternoon we will start to see more snowfall move in as snow levels drop. it's going to be at about 5:00 in the afternoon and snow levels will drop down to lake level. 2 to 3 feet of snow above 7000 feet into saturday. a look at the extended forecast, rain for tomorrow. we'll get a blast of cold air tomorrow evening as the second round roles through and will drop temperatures off this weekend and i'll keep the possibility of thundershowers in the forecast. it's likely in some spots and others not so much. don't be surprised if you see the periods of moderate rainfall and hail possible with thunder but conditions improving into
8:48 pm
next week. round town of steven jackson. i worked you for a 28 million-dollar contract and a month later i ask to be traded. jackson along with andrew is going to the spurs. it's been a big, big week for the warriors. >> last night i talked to san antonio and still didn't think there was anything there. this came about this morning. >> okay. >> in contrast to the trade for andrew which i started last summer, basically at the chicago pre-draft camp for the first conversation, some of them take a long time. >> yeah. >> this one boom. >> do you pencil him as a starter? >> that's up to mark. >> okay. >> but we know he can be. >> you buy this that you won't
8:49 pm
know how great this trade is or maybe ut oh until november 1st when the season starts and he begins to do that. >> it's hoopla and you wait and see what the person does. >> it's funny to laugh. you follow this nationally. most everybody on the national scale is saying good deal and locally people get attached. who knows. who knows the reason but say i don't know. i would say you know on a general bay sills down probably had more negative locally or nationally. do you buy that? >> we prepared for that as i sat and talked to joe when we presented the trade i said nationally this is going to go over big. locally monte has such a falling there will be people who won't necessarily like it but we had to change the team. i think you probably heard me say we were stuck. >> yeah. >> let's quit being stuck and
8:50 pm
don't play for the eight spot or look at trying to get in the play-offs. this was about the future and joe was directive to me as always been be aggressive and let's build something. >> but you understand the criticism if people have their heart in it. but you have a slang -- not strange but bad break? >> as tough as you are if you took the same falls you would have been hurt. they are corky and our doctors were good with them today. we don't see any problems. he isn't going to play and we'll be extremely cautious with him. we'll get him ready to go. the objective is for next year and if it's possible to play some this year it would be fine. it's so difficult to get a center but at the same time we got one and we got a good one and it is like christmas. >> you'll never knock me again. i was compare today a 7-foot
8:51 pm
center and jason is raising me for saying when the trade first went down i said they got nothing for this year. >> you did. >> because the guy can't play. >> right. >> jason says i didn't say that. it was on kron to see if somebody is listening but the next day i said as time went on through the evening you figure you'll be stuck in a certain position you might as well try something. >> definitely. >> again, tomorrow night will be fun. ellis playing in oakland in a milwaukee uniform. >> wow. >> we'll see how loyal the fans are. tomorrow night i bet you at least half the place rooting for monte. >> probably. >> nba trade deadline has come and gone. the biggest story dwight howard will stay and the lakers got involved. derrick fisher once upon a tom time but most well-known for being kobe bryant eastside kick. he's traded to houston in exchange for somebody. one nca tournament game and syracuse and unc ashville.
8:52 pm
that the been a rough year with a lot of off the floor controversy but his team is real good up two and chris joseph lit hits the layup and there is their coach and lane knocking down a three. they are only behind by three and syracuse inbound the ball looks like a turnover but a bad call and the ball will remain with syracuse and that's it. syracuse advances 72-65. this is one of those find a receiver time with a 49ers but first the stanford women are on their way to the west regions. it's weird. it's called the fresno regional but they open in norfolk virginia and their first game is on saturday. the stanford cardinal leaving today, ladies and gentlemen, a bus pulling out. and you saw, it, pam. >> we did. >> kentucky drove looked like a fancy -- million dollar bus. that is the new thing. shoot the bus, you know, for
8:53 pm
all the ncaa tournament game and. >> i hate to see it, the pros have their own planes. some of the college kids get their own. another find a receiver time for the 49ers, marrow clutch performer in the super bowl and key grab against the new england patriots. he was in today but also brandon lloyd is coming in. the former raider chads chilling so manning ham came and went without sighting anything today but hey, 49ers need a receiver and got three guys. they are zeroing it. will tiger woods play in the masters? next. 1 ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] offering four distinct driving modes
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and lexus' dynamic handling, the next generation of lexus will not be contained. the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. ♪ the masters maybe alock with the u.s. open. god good news today. even the masters draw an audience no matter what but better if wood s is contention. he says the strain tendon is getting better and expects to be ready to go back and going to try to play next week. he hasn't won a pga in more than two years. this is a deal we talk about all the time is that you know how is golf without woods? anybody says you look at the television ratings and interest and news coverage. when he doesn't play no matter how expensive the slacks are on the other guy, the interest
8:57 pm
sometime there so with tiger there if he's playing well the masters will have a good audience. >> all right. good night everybody. >> we know it all.
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